Project “Reducing Discrimination of Deaf Children and Their Families” started January 2014; project duration is one year. Project budget 153 333 LT (44 408.30 EUR): funding of NGO Programme Lithuania 138 000.00 LT (39 967.56 EUR);

In Lithuania primary support to deaf children and their families after the child’s diagnosis of deafness is not ensured. This increases discrimination of deaf children and their families and leads to the delay of the deaf child’s development and has a negative impact to the integration in the future. In 2014 universal newborn hearing screening started however due to the lack of the relationship between institutions of medicine, education and social security there is no primary assistance to the family.

The aim of the project is to reduce deaf children discrimination by introducing primary support for the families with deaf children corresponding to EU standards. Best Norway practice will be used.

To make analysis of legal base and methods of primary support for deaf children and their families in Lithuania and other EU countries.
To improve institutional relationship between national departments and NGO in provision of support for deaf/hard of hearing children and their families.
To improve NGO skills.

Project target groups:
Newborn deaf babies and their families; employees and volunteers of association PAGAVA. Indirect beneficiaries will be all families with deaf children as well as the whole society by gaining more knowledge about deaf children problems and developing tolerance to disabled people.

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